Argus Transport USA operates tractors & trailers that are home based at respective terminal & yard locations in States of NY & RI. This equipment includes sleeper “highway” tractors, day cabs for shorter haul, 53’ dry vans, straight trucks equipped with tailgates. All tractors and most trailers are equipped with satellite tracking devices. The positioning of all equipment is tracked by dispatch personnel and the Director of Safety.

Being a member of the Argus Group of Companies, Argus Transport USA also has access to the hundreds of pieces of equipment in use by associated companies. This equipment includes tractors, 53’ vans, reefer (temperature controlled) vans, container chassis (utilised for USA-Canada), reefer (temperature controlled) container chassis.

Safety is a priority at Argus Transport USA & the Argus Group. To maintain a tight control on operating well maintained equipment, The Argus Group including Argus Transport USA , operate multiple maintenance garages located in USA & Canada. Strategically placed at the Lacolle(QC)/Champlain (NY) border crossing, one of the Argus garages offers drivers the opportunity to stop to have even the smallest of issues looked at prior to continuing into Canada or the USA.

The Argus Group also owns & operates a Truck Stop located at the NY/Quebec border crossing. This facility offers Argus drivers the opportunity to grab a hot meal, shower, fuel-up and get some off time before continuing their journey.