Argus Transport USA, LLC & Argus Services USA are able to assist you with all of your US & Canadian transportation needs. This includes LTL & TL Transportation between any two points in the USA, any two points in Canada, and between USA & Canada.

Argus Logistics specialists have an exceptional pool of carrier assets to choose from to handle any type of shipment. The search for the ideal carrier begins within in Argus Group itself. This Group includes multiple Argus trucking companies located in the USA & Canada. If necessary, the search widens to the network of trucking companies whom we work with on a regular basis and trust well. Only partners of high quality are integral within our network.

In the sphere of 3PL Logistics, we could further service your supply chain needs utilising our network of warehouses, trans-load facilities, cross docking operations.

The Logistics personnel of the Argus Group are dedicated individuals working at Argus facilities in the USA & Canada. Many of these logisticians possess 25 or more years on industry experience dealing with a multitude of shipments including LTL. TL, LCL (bonded), containers, temperature control & specialized equipment such as flatbed, rolltite, dropdeck, etc. Your shipment would be assigned to a proficient expert to ensure a smooth & cost effective transaction.

For a rate and to learn more about our Logistics Services we invite you to call 800-676-8266 #2400 or email: