Welcome to the website of ARGUS TRANSPORT USA, LLC!

Thank you for for having the interest to explore our website and learn more about Argus Transport USA & The Argus Group of Companies.

Argus Transport USA, LLC was established in 2020 as the newest member of The Argus Group. Our group has been in business for approximately 50 years. Starting with Argus Transport Canada based in St. Laurent (Montreal), QC – the group has experienced rapid expansion mostly so during the past ten years. Our member companies now include trucking companies and operations located in RI (Riverside), NY (Rochester), Ontario & Quebec. Additional locations in other regions of the USA are planned which will further enlarge our direct service points. Other members of the group are integrated facilities such as Truck Stops, maintenance garages, fuelling stations, etc.

All companies in The Argus Group are family owned & operated. We conduct ourselves with high ethics and morality and present a highly personalised service to all of our clients. Safety is always a #1 priority. We employ Safety & Compliance personnel who carefully monitor the activities of all locations.

Given that our group has highly experienced Customer Service & Dispatch personnel working in both the USA & Canada we are well equipped to handle both your US domestic and cross border (USA-Canada) transportation. In regards to cross border activities, we handle a significant volume of “in-bond” shipments arriving in Canada by air or sea and delivering to the USA.

Having multiple trucking companies located in the USA & Canada has given us great synergies. The different companies work closely together in operations, planning & administration. Whether your transportation needs are intra-State, inter-State and/or cross-border the network of The Argus Group will find your most efficient solution.